it’s not just about what we do, but how we do it.

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Anouk Schofield


constructive tension is at the heart of what we do. it sets us, and our work, apart. it’s what makes our approach distinctive and why people love to work for and with us. it brings something extra out of each individual… its creates ‘stronger and better’.

but constructive tension is not a ‘once and done’ thing. it requires nurturing, it demands practice and exercise.

cmday 2018 was dedicated to enriching and fostering the key disciplines necessary in the art of constructive tension:

  • mindfulness – being aware and totally present
  • improvisation – actively listening, embracing risk & participating fully
  • making – crafting the tangible purposefully
it was a truly enjoyable and inspiring day full of rich conversation and laughter – made all the better by our incredible partners: Supersmith – surely a home away from home for cm, Meris Gebhardt who guided us in the practice of mindfulness, Rich Hollman who enabled us to understand the principles behind the art of improv and artist Lindsey Schneider who helped us create something meaningful and tangible, together.