harnessing the power of plant positive

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Taylor Gandossy

vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetable-leaning… there’s a lot of them in our office. and naturally we’re pretty used to meat and dairy free options seeming like an after-thought, something meant for the fringe, or a perpetually second-best alternative. (think of the anemic veggie burger at a diner, the risotto accidentally cooked in chicken broth, the rock-like “just like meat” nuggets in frozen).

but lately, plants have been getting a lot more love.

there’s a conscious shift in the way that companies are serving up plant-based offerings.

whether it’s purple carrot carving out a space in meal delivery, Tyson food’s buying a sizeable stake in beyond meat, or celebrities touting the benefits of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle – plant-based is moving from barely adequate alternatives to flavorful, diverse offerings that celebrate plants’ power.

ankle-biter, or emergent, brands are driving a lot of this shift, incorporating the lifestyle and perspective of people who live and breathe a plant-based lifestyle (like many of us).

it’s exciting to experience this shift in this movement, which we call “plant positive” and even more exciting to help shape it – our work has touched plant-based spreads, snacks, drinks, milks, frozen entrees and even progressive meat alternatives such as The Jackfruit Company.

we’re passionate about this work not only because it’s close to many of our hearts, but because it showcases how a strong point of view that consumers identify with can unlock new perspectives for branding and innovation.

there’s a real opportunity for bigger brands to harness this same way of thinking – identify what seems to be an underserved perspective and use it as a catalyst for growth, whether it’s in new products or new audiences.

your consumers – whether they’re tolerating soggy veggie burgers or creating other workarounds – will thank you.